Lieberman and Education

“Lieberman formed a group with far-right-wing Christian Coalition president Ralph Reed called The Center for Christian and Jewish Values to promote prayer in schools and vouchers for private-school tuition.”

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“On issues of higher education, Lieberman has again played a conservative role. He was the only Democrat to vote against liberal historian Sheldon Hackney, the President of the University of Pennsylvania, to become head of the National Endowment for the Humanities. He claimed that Hackney was too liberal on campus issues of 'political correctness.' Lieberman then became co-founder of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a five-year-old group that reject ''racial preferences,' opposes 'political correctness,' and defends 'Western civilization.'”

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…Money is not the only answer to the crisis in education. It's part of the answer, but we really have to deal with motivation. We also have to shake up the system. The current system is not functioning as well as it should. I'm intrigued by the ideas of vouchers and choice as a way to create competition in the educational marketplace. I bet such competition would be popular, and would excite a lot of families, a lot of parents, a lot of students.

Source: Policy Review Summer 1990



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