Illegal Wiretapping

Lieberman's response to the government's "illegal" wiretapping was wrong-headed.
" We have got to have wiretaps in the post-9/11 world, but darn it, we're a nation of laws and we have the FISA act," he said. "The president interpreted this law for his own purposes, and in many cases probably broke the law. I say you have to hold him accountable for that."
He added: "I'm sort of sympathetic to the idea of a censure, it seems like an appropriately modest remedy in a short-term way to say nobody's above the law. Senator Lieberman said, 'I don't want to scold the president.' Well, why not? When he's wrong I think he should be scolded, and that's an appropriate way to do it.”


With the revelations of George Bush spying on Americans without warrants, and particularly the latest revelations coming from Alberto Gonzalez that this program may actually be bigger than he testified to in front of the Judiciary Committee, what is your perspective on what's happening to our civil liberties in this country?

I can't believe that conservatives and liberals aren't standing up hand-in-hand and saying that no president is above the law. George Bush is saying "I can wiretap any time I want to, I can be dismissive of our laws of the land that tell me how to do that, and what judicial restraints there ought to be, and I'm gonna do it and just trust me." After all the history with this administration, the theory that we would just trust somebody with that type of intrusion into our private lives is beyond me. I think that is [a place] where liberals and conservatives ought to stand up and be heard.


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