Bankruptcy Bill

Now, I've got to tell you, the bankruptcy bill was a bill that just struck me as being really unconscionable. One of the things that bothered me about Sen. Lieberman's vote on the bankruptcy bill was that he knew that the only way to stop this thing was to vote against cloture, but he voted for cloture. What does it say about Sen. Lieberman that he basically allowed it to happen from a procedural standpoint?

That sounds a little familiar in terms of the Judge Alito nomination as well. Somebody said about our senator on the Democratic side of the aisle that we can always count on his vote whenever we don't really need it.

Most people that file for bankruptcy do not do it because they are overspending on their credit cards, they do it because they are inflicted with sudden health care expenses that they didn't anticipate, and they are underinsured and can't deal with it. We ought to help people through that tragic time in their lives, not penalize them. On the flip side, I look at how the corporations in this country are abusing bankruptcy and using it to walk away from their pensions, to walk away from their obligations to the working people out there. If you want bankruptcy reform, that's where I'd start.